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Relive Peter Pan, Harry Potter, and More when You Stay in London’s Budget Hotels

London has a long history. According to London Online, the city was founded in 45 CE, transforming itself over two millennia into one of the most financially important and culturally diverse metropolises in the world. It has been the center of empires and the home of royalty. Now, it has become one of the greatest locations in the world for amazing cultural experiences. It’s no wonder that, according to BuzzFeed, London Town is the most popular tourist destination in the world. While you’ve no doubt heard about the best budget hotels in the city offering cheap hotel deals, have you considered all there is to do in London? Certainly, you can use budget hotels as a headquarters for seeing tourist attractions, like Buckingham Palace, but what if your tastes are more literary, more fantastical? Luckily, the Big

Stunning Miami Luxury Condos for Rent

Although the Miami area is now best known for the its beaches, stunning Miami Beach vacation rentals, and subtropical climate, things were a quite different 35 or 40 years ago. During the 1970s, Miami was bustling with elderly people and immigrants, but things were about to change very quickly. In the years before Miami Beach would become what Fodor’s Travel would brand “one of the world’s top five vacation destinations,” don’t think that there weren’t businessmen who hadn’t seen it’s potential. Subsequently, all kinds of homes, shops, restaurants, villa rentals,

Are You in Love with London’s Past? Take a Trip There

To say that London is among the most modern, most cosmopolitan cities in the world would not be an overstatement. Consider, the heart of the United Kingdom is home to some of the best hotels in the world. When scholars and fans of science or history think of the best place to kick off their research, they think of the world renowned British Museum and the Natural History Museum. Thanks to Britain’s imperial past, London plays home to more than 270 nationalities and more than 300 languages, according to The London Evening Standard. For many undergoing fervent