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Make Your Trip to NYC a Magical Tour

Love Going to the Theater but Hate the Commute? Who doesn’t love a broadway show? And New York City is so exciting!! But getting around can be awfully difficult if you’re not a native! Where to go eat, what else to do while you’re in NYC, and driving and parking are so expensive. Not to mention gas costs and fuel emissions. The best solution I’ve found are special events bus trips. Why Book a Special Events NYC Bus Tour? New York City is so exciting; there’s so much to see and do! You can visit the Statue of Liberty, see the stock exchange of Wall Street, shop on Madison Avenue and take in a Broadway show, all in the same day! But if you don’t know how to get around it can be awfully difficult to get everything you want to do, done.

3 Great Tips to Get the Most Out of Camping with Your Kids

Many people wrongly assume that camping with kids is a bad idea because of their short attention spans. By preparing yourself with a fun-filled itinerary to make your trip exciting, your family can have an experience that they will never forget. If you think camping with kids is a bad idea, think again. Families spent about 535 million days camping together in 2011, and it’s still as popular as ever. Kids really embrace the outdoors when you take the smartphone out of their hands and force them to enjoy the beauty of nature. Here are three great tips to keep in mind when camping with kids to make this vacation the best one yet: Consider a public campground. About 70% of al