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Can You Afford a Charter Plane Service?

Time is money, and money is time. Even though some of your best friends may not realize the value in every minute of their day, that doesn’t stop you from understanding the importance of money well spent, especially if it saves you the time you need to close the biggest deals. While many of your friends and former business partners still fly commercial airlines, you realized many years ago the value of charter plane services. Although the investment you make to have a pilot and a plane on standby when you need it is substantial, the profits you see when you can close two or three big deals within the same day outweighed the initial investment. Across the country more than 2,100 air charter operators provide service. These operators who own the charter pl

3 Reasons You’re Probably Overdue For a Vacation

You might think renting one of those beach vacation home rentals is a faraway dream, but it’s probably a lot closer than you might think. In fact, there’s likely only one things stopping you from getting one of those luxury vacation rentals: you. Research shows that many a person is too much of a workaholic to properly enjoy their vacation or even take one. Here are a few stats to make you think about your own work-home life and reconsider renting one of those beach vacation rentals. People don’t take their vacation days off. – It’s true. People just don’t take their vacation days off. A Harris Interactive poll of 2

The 3 Best Natural Odorless Hot Spring States in the US

On every corner of the globe, human beings seek out natural hot springs to feel replenished. These heavily mineralized waters are so soothing, so rejuvenating, that many of them have played host to miracle workers, with magical healing properties associated with their waters. If you live in the U.S. or are planning a vacation here, which states can you visit with natural odorless hot springs? First, a reminder: there are two kinds of hot springs. The first is created by geothermal activity deep underground, which creates water fully of minerals and electrolytes. The water is crystal clear and odorless. The second comes with a distinct bad egg smell, caused by bacterium in the water that release hydrogen sulfide. Fortunately, the U.S. is home to a number of natural odorless hot springs. Here are

Litany Of Horror Stories Create New Doubts Over AirBnB

Is the AirBnB and Uber inspired sharing economy actually a good deal? All signs point to nope, not really. Jet setting urbanites might benefit from rent-a-home services like AirBnB, but there’s a growing body of evidence that no one else does. Now, many women’s worst case scenario just came true, according to a disturbing new report from Germany. This December, a German traveler sued AirBnB and her host after making the horrifying discovery that the host had secretly recorded her on a hidden camera. The woman had stayed in the rental for a month while visiting California. What’s worse? It’s not the only hidden camera horror story. New online content factory Fusion also reported on the case of a woman staying in Los Angeles, whose host covered up a webcam’s indicator with duct tape, the better to