About us

Do you love the Caribbean as much as I do? Then you’ve come to the right place. My site brings you the most complete information on traveling to the Caribbean you will find anywhere. My name is Hans Mater. In my early adulthood I worked with my brother Saul as a shoe shining duo at a very busy airport. We would perform daring acrobatics while shining shoes. My favorite maneuver involved me standing on Saul’s shoulders and juggling shoes and rags in such a way that the rags shined the shoes. One day Saul unexpectedly quit the profession to become a business analyst and I was left out in the cold. I couldn’t perform our shoe shine act by myself! Down on my luck and without any salient career prospects, I packed my bags and headed for the Caribbean. All I could think to do was to lose myself in travel. They say that all you ever really need is a change in your life. Once there I experienced a dramatic change in my life. I met a beautiful woman and got married. I rowed boats for a living and wore cool hats. I now live in the Caribbean permanently, and I would like to share my passion for this beautiful island paradise.


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